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High Cycle Scissor Lift - Lifts & Raises in 5 seconds

Watch this video to see our fast performing high cycle scissor lift. Designed for a high demand assembly line operation - can lift and lower with in 5 seconds. Equipped with a 15HP continuous running power unit and double acting cylinders allowing the lift to be powered up and down with great efficiency. Watch the lift raise up in 5 seconds and lower that quick.
Mobile Scissor Lift Cart for Paint Application

The Mobile Scissor Lift Cart in this video was built for a major aerospace manufacturer to use for their aircraft painting application. Lift features a powered transport base, guarded handrails, laser scanner for safety stop and control station.
Pit Mounted Series 35 with Powered Turn Table

Variable Frequency Drive, 360 degree pit mounted Series 35 Turn Table Lift with electronic toe guards. Proximity switches were used to monitor the location of the turn table for slow start/stop as well as homing location.
Scissor Lift with Fixture Clamps for Solar Mirror Assembly

This video shot was shot in our plant testing 15,000 lb capacity of our custom high capacity scissor lift with fixture clamps. The lift will be used to position and lock pallets of solar mirrors in place.

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