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Going to Greater Capacities with VRCs

Autoquip demonstrates a drop test of 40,000 lbs. for a custom VRC application where we used specially designed safety cams to stop the lift in case of failure. V
Mechanical Freight Lift Moves New Hyundai's to Upper Level Showroom

Mechanical freight lift to move new cars to an upper level showroom at Win Hyundai in California. The dealership wanted a way to transfer cars up to the second level where the cars could be displayed and attract people’s attention as they pass from the highway. The mechanical VRC is built with the capacity of 7,000 lbs. with 17 feet of travel.
Automobile Transfer Lift - 4 Post Mechanical Freight Lift

Autoquip's 4 Post Mechanical Freight Lift designed to handle the transfer of Mini Coopers from a 4 level showroom. Handles 8,000 lb. capacity and frequent cycles helping the dealer move his inventory of cars safely from entrance level 1 to service levels 2 & 3, and to the rooftop showroom.

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