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Lift, Tilt & Turn for Painting Process of Oil & Gas Industry Parts.

In this video we demonstrate our custom Lift, Tilter, and Turntable which allows for oil & gas industry parts to be positioned at different angles and rotations in order to apply the correct paint coverage. The turntable is adjustable to accommodate 3 different part sizes and is controlled with variable speeds to control paint thickness.
Autoquip's Heavy Duty Tire Changing Station – Super Titan Triple Long

Autoquip's Super Titan Triple Long serves as a tire changer for Caterpillar at there Clayton Machine Development Center. The lift will be used to lift the equipment so that prototype tires can be quickly changed out. •Maximum lifting capacity of 67,000 lbs. •Travel height is 18”.
Three in One Lift System: Lift,Tilt & Turn

Why do just one, when Autoquip has the capabilities to custom design a lift, tilt and turn? Our custom built heavy duty Super Titan scissor lift is designed with a tilt and turn platform for a welding application. The customer will secure the part to the platform, tilt up 90 degrees and rotate 180 degrees to fully complete the welding process.

With the largest selection of lifts, Autoquip can provide you with the lift you need. To request a quotation please click here.

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