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Sidewalk Lift

Autoquip's sidewalk lift includes a modified triple pantograph scissors lift (Model T3-132-60), and a boxed in enclosure for protecting goods and supplies as they are being transferred. The side walk lift is a non-rider piece of equipment and contains enclosures on all sides with bi-parting interlocked doors on front and rear.
Heavy Duty - High Travel Scissor Lift with Tow Capability

Before shipping out to our customer, we plant tested our custom design High Travel Scissor LIft - T3 Tork Lift with tow hitch on transport base. Towing capability of 50,000 pounds.
Autoquip's Tork 3 Hydraulic Scissor Lift Powered to Move Stage Props in 20 Seconds!

This custom Tork 3 Hydraulic Scissor Lift was built for Lyric Opera of Chicago to lift stage props from basement level to stage area. In this video, you can see the lift as we tested it behind the stage at the opera house and got it up and running before show time. The Tork 3 is built with three sets of vertically stacked scissors that are pinned directly together, stabilized, and raised simultaneously by common hydraulic cylinders. We provided a high-flow powered unit to get the stage props up to stage level within 20 seconds.

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