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A Special(s) Year

March 31, 2015

Joe Robillard President of Autoquip

Building on the momentum we carried from last year – our 2014/2015 fiscal has turned out to be another special year.  Or we might even say, a specials year thanks to our dealers who brought us unique projects requiring a specialized lifting solution.  “Never been done before” projects that have really pushed us as a company to explore our creativity, innovation, and manufacturing capabilities.  Significant opportunities have allowed us to design one-of-a kind lift equipment that will become a game-changer for the way these manufactures do business. 

Two examples to share with you from the aerospace industry:

The “Aperture Lift” Work Platform which allows the platform to close 360 degrees around a cylindrical aircraft engine.  The Aperture is driven by a gear motor and 6 linear actuators that will “open/shut” steel skin wedges around the cylindrical engine (from fully open at 66” diameter, down to 2” diameter when fully closed) to allow safe, “walk-on” access.

The “Wing Lift” which will position a component horizontally and vertically for an assembly process.  The panel will sit on top of 10 electronically synchronized hydraulic Tork scissors lifts that support 6 custom headers, each with x/y adjustment.  Each header is equipped with a row of vacuum suction cups to secure the panel during transport. 

These achievements continue to strengthen our position as the premier manufacturer and developer of material handling lifting equipment.  We are finding new ways to combine our standard design library with our custom design capabilities to take advantage of the evolving industry landscape.  Our customers want to do more—achieve more and they want a product designed specifically to fit their application.  Autoquip plans to meet those demands. 

We continue to set ambitious goals for ourselves, but we have the determination and resources to achieve them. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to put our customers in position to achieve their lifting challenges with the broadest line of standard and custom lift products.

By sharing our project successes, we hope Autoquip can put you in position to succeed in 2015 and beyond.  Once again, we are so thankful for our customers who continue to support us with confidence and trust.  We look forward to working with you in the years ahead. 


Joe Robillard

President of Autoquip


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