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Autoquip Acquires American Lifts

January 15, 2009

Guthrie, OK-- The Autoquip Corporation has completed the acquisition of American Lifts from the Columbus McKinnon Corporation. "We're pleased to announce that we have purchased the American Lifts brand. It's a great fit, with tremendous synergy throughout the product lines and markets, and will benefit our customers" according to Joe Robillard, President of Autoquip Corporation.

"The American Lift products have a reputation of being high quality and we are excited to merge them into the existing Autoquip product line," said Mike Adel, Autoquip Director of Engineering. "These are field proven designs that will greatly enhance the Autoquip offering to our customers."

The only changes the customer will notice is the Autoquip label on the lift, and the shipping origin. American Lifts is simply moving manufacturing and order fulfillment from Indiana to the Autoquip headquarters in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Autoquip is known for its high-quality, dependable products which are a result of great engineering and quality manufacturing. With the American Lifts purchase, Autoquip customers will benefit from greater economies-of-scale in manufacturing, and expanded engineering capabilities and expanded product offerings.

"Autoquip Corporation is an excellent home for the American Lifts brand and products as both companies have decades of experience in the lifting sector of the material handling industry. It's just a great fit. Both companies are known for high-quality, dependable material handling equipment" said American Lifts General Manager, Clay Brinson.

Autoquip will provide total warranty and parts support for all American Lifts brand products. This includes both standard products and custom material handling solutions. American customers will see no change in support or service.

"Custom material handling solutions are one of the major areas Autoquip and American Lifts have in common. Our two companies represent a dominant share of the market for the design and manufacture of specialized, custom material handling solutions for specific applications," according to Louis Coleman, Autoquip Director of Marketing. "This joining of products will increase our ability to offer even more custom designs to our customers."

Since 1947, Autoquip Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment and solutions. With the American Lifts acquisition, Autoquip Corporation will expand what was already the industry's broadest line of material handling equipment.

The new product line will include some of the unique American Lifts scissors lift technology and complement Autoquip's existing proven line of dependable in-plant, dock, and Freightlift VRC material handling equipment. It also positions Autoquip as the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of custom material handling equipment solutions.

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