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Autoquip Corporation Announces New Product Release AQLogic Control Panel

May 11, 2012

Custom lift control board.

(Guthrie,OK) Autoquip Corporation (/), manufacturer of material handling lift equipment releases today their new control system for their Freightlift line of Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC's).  AQLogic Control Panel utilizes PLR technology (Programmable Logic Relays), providing simplified yet powerful programming flexibility - allowing one controller to be configured to service a wide variety of applications involving multiple input and output signals.  "The AQLogic design approach was to leverage a simple technology by managing relay logic with the most universally understood and intuitive programming language available - to provide our industrial and commercial customers with a user-friendly tool to manage semi-complex automation systems", says Mike Adel, Director of Engineering for Autoquip Corporation.
AQLogic was designed to provide a platform where the widest number of configurable control signals is managed in the simplest, most user-friendly control package possible.  "We are in the business of providing solutions to our customers, and with a versatile control panel system like AQLogic, our customers can specifically program Freighlift's to fit their operational needs", commented Louis Coleman, Director of Sales & Marketing for Autoquip Corporation. "AQLogic was also designed with affordability and practicality in mind to give our customers who operate a smaller automated system with a less expensive alternative to traditional PLC's", stated Coleman.

The simplified yet powerful design of AQLogic offers several notable benefits:

  • Flexibility
    • Numerous programming combinations for signals, alarms, counters, timers, lights, sensors and more
  • Ease & Simplicity
    • Digital display screen communicates system status and quick diagnostics making it easier to maintain operations
    • Relay components are more compact to provide extra working space inside the panel making it easier for wiring and installation
  • Versatility
    • Expandable memory available for increased input and/or output signals which can be used with any lift system

AQLogic Control Panel will become standard with all new Autoquip Freightlifts and in many cases is suitable for retrofit applications.  In fact, any type of Autoquip lift that is required to manage multiple signals and/or commands can be equipped with AQ Logic upon review of application.  Contact Autoquip's technical sales staff to discuss application requirements and learn more about the AQLogic Control Panel 1-888-811-9876.

Autoquip has been designing and manufacturing a premium line of the industry's most innovative material handling products for over 60 years. Autoquip boasts a library of standard and premium lift designs that includes over 70 standard product families which have been applied in more than 15 industries, providing an unparalleled resource of custom solutions and lift configurations - to satisfy the requirements of any material handling challenge, from the most straightforward to the most complex.   To learn more about their standard and custom lifts visit

For more information contact:
Louis Coleman, Director of Sales and Marketing
Autoquip Corporation
1058 West Industrial Avenue
Guthrie, OK 73044

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