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Autoquip Corporation Announces Slack Chain Sensors Notification Program for FLM VRC's

January 15, 2011

The purpose of the Slack Chain Sensors Notification Program SAFETY NOTICE is to encourage owners of Autoquip's Freight Lift Mechanical (FLM) series of vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC) to check the Slack Chain Sensors on their FLM's to see if it is currently set correctly and if not to adjust the device so it functions properly. The program only involves the FLM series of mechanical VRC's and not any hydraulic or cable driven VRC.

Until 2007, the Slack Chain Sensors were identified and described in the FLM Installation Manual, but the instructions for setting the Slack Chain Sensors was set out in a separate FLM Owner's/Operator's Manual. Although it is believed most, if not all installers had access to the Owner's/Operator's Manual, or knew from experience how to set the Slack Chain Sensors, Autoquip has become aware of one situation where it is possible the installer may not have properly set the Sensors at the time of installation.

The goal of the Program is to maximize owner awareness of the Program and to insure that the Slack Chain Sensors are functioning as designed.

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