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Autoquip Recognizes Employees for 40 Years of Service

July 18, 2014

Autoquip Careers

At Autoquip, we take great pride in our employees for their dedication and commitment to the company and to our customers.  And it is a special honor to recognize four employees for their commitment and longevity: Tom Booker, Donnie Crabtree, Jerry Grindle and Gary Barker, all whom have reached a milestone anniversary of 40 years of service with Autoquip.

"It is a great honor to recognize these four individuals who have made a career at Autoquip.  I congratulate each of these four for their service to Autoquip and all our employees for their dedication.  I take pride in our company and that we provide stable jobs, where people are able to grow, and make a difference. This company truly values its people,” said Joe Robillard, President of Autoquip.

Tom Booker, Assistant Design Group Manager is being recognized for 40 years of service at Autoquip.  Tom has worked on every lift design from standard scissor lifts to rams and drapes.  He recalled his proudest accomplishment in being part of the design for Autoquip’s Animal Surgical Table Lift. “The complexity of this design combined a scissor and ram lift assembly, which provided an extremely functional surgical table for a veterinarian clinic,” said Tom.  “It allowed a large animal to be lifted and tilted for evaluation or surgery.  I got to be part of the onsite installation and troubleshoot the lift equipment.  It was very rewarding to seeing one of my designs in full operation.”

Donnie Crabtree, 40-year employee, first started as a welder in the plant, and then became a plant supervisor for several years before moving to Inside Sales in 1997.  In his current role, Donnie manages our international sales program for major markets including Asia, and Central and South America.  “I have seen a lot of positive change over the years and now we are going after big markets and have become a trusted specialties company,” said Donnie.  “To play in the big league, you really have to demonstrate your capabilities to build that trust.  I am proud to do my part in building that trust through my day-to-day operations with our customers.”

Jerry Grindle marks 40 years with Autoquip and is recognized for his outstanding commitment to our Customer Service Department.  Jerry first started with Autoquip in 1974 in Power Assembly.  It is this hands-on experience and knowledge that has made Jerry the success that he is in our Customer Service Department since 1996 when he made the transfer.  Jerry has witnessed a lot of changes over the years in how we take care of our customers. “We have better resources now that allow us to focus and take care of the customer with a lot more detail; recording their issues allows us to troubleshoot quicker and more efficiently,” said Jerry.  “We have to have that available because our volume has significantly changed.  We are taking care of lifts that are still in service from 1960 to ones we just sold this year.”   Jerry takes great pride in the relationships he has developed with our customers.  “ I feel a great deal of accomplishment and satisfaction when I know I have helped improve someone’s day and got their lift up and running to go on with their work.”

Gary Barker celebrates 40 years with the company working as a machinist in our plant.  Gary is a skilled craftsman and has played a key role in our advanced manufacturing process using automated cutting and boring machines to fabricate our lifts.  Gary was part of the start-up crew when the company relocated to its current facility in Guthrie, Okla., in 1974.  He is our most senior employee in the plant.  Gary is notably proud of the work he helps produce and the positive and safe work environment he helps create.

In addition, Autoquip boasts 40 years of manufacturing quality lift equipment at our current location in Guthrie. Autoquip Corporation was founded in 1947 in Chicago, Ill., and relocated to Guthrie in 1974.  Since then the company has grown to be the leading supplier of industrial lifting equipment for major industries including aerospace, automotive, retail, government, energy and agriculture. 

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