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Autoquip Proud Partner of Boeing

November 10, 2015

As Boeing lands more orders for its high-tech 787 Dreamliner and the upcoming 777x, Autoquip is in position to be a leading supplier of custom lift solutions for their production systems.  Over the past several years, we have partnered with Boeing to design and build specialized lift equipment for lifting various components - ranging from seat assemblies to wiring harnesses - up to multi-level assembly areas. Autoquip has also designed various work platforms to position workers to facilitate improved access for both safety and production purposes. We’ve also provided systems to transport and lift large fuselage and wing sections.  

The foundational aspect of our relationship with Boeing is our ability to meet their key supplier criteria including performance, capacity, integrity, reliability, quality of product, and on-time delivery.  More than that, we have been able to exceed their expectations by bringing their production design visions into reality. 

Working with Boeing engineers, we have been able to build some very specialized lift equipment including:

  • Work Platform Lifts with Shuttling Decks – shuttles workers in reach of tail section.
  • Work Platform Lifts with Side Shuttling Decks – provides access for workers to inspect fiber layup process.
  • Various scissor lift platforms to position workers safely and ergonomically.
  • Mobile Mezzanine Lifts - moves sizable materials on carts to mezzanine level.  Non-fixed position to transport to other assembly stations.
  • Fixed position floor level loading lifts to move large carts from floor level to mezzanine level.
  • Transport system which uses multiple scissors lifts which are synchronized to support a series of headers to lift and carry a wing component for a production assembly process.
  • Material Lifts, also known as VRCs, (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors) to move materials between levels.

In addition to serving companies like Boeing, Autoquip has great experience working with aerospace OEM’s, engineering companies and manufacturers to provide custom lifting solutions. Autoquip lift equipment is used for various manufacturing processes, transfer tools, parts palletizing, and much more. Our main objective is that each lift we manufacturer meets our customer’s exact needs, whatever the application.

For more information about our capabilities serving the aerospace industry visit: /industries/aerospace/

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