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MHI Announces New Safety Standard Which IBC Recognizes

January 8, 2013

Autoquip is a proud LMPS member.

The Lift Manufacturers Product Section (LMPS) within the Material Handling Industry (MHI) has released an updated version of ANSI Standard forSafety Requirements for Industrial Scissors Lifts, ANSI MH29.1:2012.  The changes bring the industry in conformance with the International Codes Committee (ICC), and are recognized by the International Building Code (IBC) which has been adopted by regulatory agencies in almost all 50 states in the U.S.

These updated standards and safety codes affect manufacturers of industrial scissor lifts and as a leading manufacturer of these products, Autoquip was instrumental in initiating these updates and is applying the new standards.

Autoquip takes a leadership position within MHI and serves on the committee to continuously update and improve standards and safety for the industry.


The over-arching goal to the latest version of MH29.1:2012 is to better conform to other equipment codes recognized by the ICC board and the IBC code by establishing mandatory and unified language.  The second goal is to provide clarity to the definitions contained within the code and further delineate between industrial scissors lifts and the aerial–type scissors lifts.   The modifications to the definitions describe and define which type of scissors lifts may have riders on-board and the ones riders are not allowed.  The final goal for establishing these new safety standards is that users of industrial scissors lifts are insured that the manufacturers who design and build are releasing products that hold to the highest of regulated standards and safety requirements.

To learn more visit Autoquip’s website to view or print a copy of our technical bulletin on Safety Requirements for Industrial Scissors Lifts. 


To order a complete copy of the ANSI MH29.1:2012 Standard of Safety Requirements visit MHI.Org - LMPS industry section.



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