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Autoquip Introduces Mobile Mezzanine Lift

January 9, 2013

Custom mezzanine lifts from Autoquip.

Autoquip completes a custom design project for aerospace manufacturer by combining and modifying two existing designs which are typically used in other applications to provide the mobile mezzanine lift.   

The mobile mezzanine lift was designed for an aerospace manufacturer where the production process is built around flexible, movable assembly lines.   The lift will be used to transport materials to the upper level and keep production moving at a steady pace.

The lift provides the flexibility of moving materials to different locations because of the mobility features and size of the platform.  It will improve production time by the amount of product lifted and speed of the lift.

Features & Benefits Include:

  1. Capacity: 7,000 lbs
  2. Platform size: 8’ x 20’
  3. Travel:  20FPM max speed and 120” travel height
  4. Mobility
    1. Removable tow tongue attaches to the lift for transport to other assembly stations.
    2. Removable ramp for ease of relocating with the lift to other assembly stations for loading at the ground level.
  5. Mezzanine Integration
    1. Transition bridge from platform to mezzanine.
    2. Adjustable pinning system to align edge of lift with upper landing.
  6. Safety
    1. Vertical acting gates on carriage and on transport base.  Exterior gates prevent workers from walking under the lift during operation.  Interior gates protect transport of materials.
    2. Interlocks – prevents the gate from opening if the platform is not at landing
    3. Expanded metal guarding on all non-accessible sides of carriage and transport base.
  7. Controls
    1. HMI touch screen control panel includes programmable operation and detection and an emergency stop button.


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