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Responsibilities of Owners/Users for Autoquip Lift Equipment

August 9, 2017

Autoquip is a proud LMPS member.

The Lift Manufacturer’s Product Group of MHI which Autoquip is an active member has recently released the key responsibilities in safety requirements of owners and users of scissors lifts from the ANSI MH29.1 industry standards. Autoquip wants to ensure our valued dealers also receive this information and we have attached a link to the latest release.

Our objective is to not only manufacturer high quality lift equipment that will last in the field for years, but to also educate our customers/owners/users to properly care, maintain and operate the lift.  These guidelines will effectively ensure that our equipment does not put people at risk, and that our equipment remains in excellent working order to meet our customer’s productivity goals.

Autoquip also provides this information in our operating/maintenance manuals supplied with the lift, and our manuals are also available on our website.

The complete standards for Lift Products is available for purchase at:

Please contact us with any questions on the responsibilities of owners/users, and how we can help you ensure your customer’s get the most out of Autoquip’s lift equipment. 

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