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  • Clean Room

    Special design stainless steel scissors lifts for controlled environments that require a clean room for the application. 


Material handling solutions that generate little to no particulate during operation

Clean room requirements differ drastically from room to room. According to Federal Standard 209D, the requirements for a level 1 clean room are radically different than those for a level 100,000 clean room. It's virtually impossible for a material-handling device to meet any more stringent requirements than that of level 1000, which allows for no more than 1000 microns of particulate per cubic foot of air - which is about the cleanliness of a hospital operating room.

In order to meet the requirements of level 1000 and below, scissors lift solutions range from completely stainless steel lifts with mechanical actuators (level 1000) to hydraulic lifts with cylinder boots, capillary tubes, stainless steel rollers and roller racks, and a flake-resistant finish such as powder coat (level 100,000). 
Autoquip has an experienced technical staff and team of design engineers that are acquainted with the requirements for lifts located in a clean room environment. All lifts are built to meet or exceed applicable equipment safety requirements and codes, and backed by an industry-best 2-year standard warranty. 

  • Typical lifting and handling solutions that Autoquip has designed and manufactured for clean room applications include:

    All Stainless Steel Lift Special scissors table design manufactured completely out of stainless steel.

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