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    Lift, Tilt & Turn - Coil Applications Made Easy. 


A Variety of Lift Equipment Options to Fit Your Coil Handling Applications

Autoquip custom lifts have been designed and manufactured in America's heartland for over 40 years, and have grown to become the top choice of customers who demand the very best in rugged, versatile and safe coil handling equipment.  We have designed custom solutions for product loading and unloading; upending and downending; and transporting and lifting rolls and coils for a wide variety of industries and applications.

Equipment designs such as coil transfer cars, roll upenders, mandrel loading and unloading lifts, and coiling/uncoiling equipment all include design features uniquely suited for coil-handling applications. Such design features include turntables for rotating the coil; polyurethane-lined platforms; "V" deck with or without snub rollers; hydraulic kickoff mechanism for unloading; and "coil present" switch to recognize when the coil is in position on the equipment platform.

Our designers have access to an extensive database of custom application designs, and are able to quickly and effectively generate new designs and CAD models specific to the requirements of your particular coil handling application.

  • Typical lifting and handling solutions that Autoquip has designed and manufactured for coil handling applications include:

    Roll Transfer Car Fixed height car with V-deck top and powered traversing base is used to transport rolls on a fixed track from one work cell to another, and transport empty "cores" when returning.

    Traversing Car with Roll Kick A custom designed scissors lift with traversing base and tilting top with V-deck is used to remove rolls from a mandrel, transport them, then raise the roll and "kick" (tilt) the roll off the side of the lift onto the in-feed side of a slitting machine.

    Roll Upender with Shuttle Special 90-degree tilter used to receive rolls of varying lengths on one platform wing, and manually shuttle the roll until its end is in contact with the second tilter wing prior to upending the roll on end.

    Roll Transfer Car with Scissors Lift A custom scissors lift with powered transport base and V-deck is used to pick rolls out of "saddles," transport them down a fixed track, then place them back onto a waiting "saddle" for staging.

    Coil Upender A special 90-degree tilter is used to receive coils from an overhead crane, then upend them from their sides to an upright position on pallets.

    High-Capacity Material Lift A custom vertical reciprocating conveyors lift, using four direct-acting cylinders and rack and pinion equalization, is used to raise a large platform with six large rolls of paper between floors in a paper manufacturing facility.

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