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  • Hazard Environment

    Hazardous duty special equipment lifts for environments where safety and explosion-proof materials are demanded. 


Explosion-proof material handling solutions that are intrinsically safe and spark-free

In order for Autoquip to develop a design specification for an explosion-proof application, clear direction must be given as to the specific classification of the operating atmosphere.  In North America, hazardous locations fall into various classifications based on three criterion:  class, division, and group.  The class defines the general nature of the hazardous material in the surrounding atmosphere, the division defines the probability of hazardous material being present in an ignitable concentration in the surrounding atmosphere, and the group more specifically defines the hazardous material in the surrounding atmosphere. 

Depending on the specific classification, Autoquip will recommend the most accurate lift solution that includes proper specification and design of potentially "sparking" lift features such as pivot points, roller contact points, and all electrical signaling and control components. 

Personnel and equipment safety is Autoquip's top priority. We have an experienced technical staff and team of design engineers that are well-acquainted with the requirements for lifts located outdoors or in an explosive environment.  All lifts are built in the heartland of America, and meet or exceed all applicable equipment safety requirements and codes. 


  • Typical lifting and handling solutions that Autoquip has designed and manufactured for explosion-proof applications include:

    Munitions Lift A hydraulic vertical reciprocating conveyor lift with non-sparking rollers and non-carbon steel carriage guide beam inserts transfers live munitions from storage level to loading dock level.

    Jet Engine Test Cell Lift High travel hydraulic scissors lifts with non-sparking scissors rollers and intrinsically safe electrical controls.

    Paint Booth Personnel Lift Hydraulic scissors tables with handrails and gates, operated using shop air supply to air motor/hydraulic pump.

    Grain Mill Palletizing Lift Hydraulic scissors table with air footswitch operator controls and air-operated power unit is used to build up pallets of bagged product.

    Aircraft Maintenance Lift Hydraulic lift tables with air controls used as personnel work platforms in explosion-proof areas to perform engine maintenance.

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