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  • Wash Down

    Stainless steel lift equipment and galvanized finishes for sanitary application requirements.


Material lifts solutions able to withstand regular spray-washing without affecting the safety, performance, or longevity of the equipment

Special attention must be given to equipment exposed to water. Outdoor installations exposed to rain, and installations exposed to washing inside processing plants, consideration must be given to all primary design features to ensure water will not prematurely disable or destroy the equipment or result in personnel injury.

Available material lift design solutions protect critical features, such as the electrical circuit and components, hydraulic fluid, bushings and bearings, and paint finish.

Personnel safety is Autoquip's top priority. We have an experienced technical staff and team of design engineers that are well-acquainted with the requirements for equipment lifts that must be located outdoors or in a wash down environment.

  • Typical lifting and handling solutions that Autoquip has designed and manufactured for wash down applications include:

    All Stainless Steel Lift Special scissor lift table design used in the manufacturing of chocolate.

    Lift and Turn Ergonomic Lift Scissors lift with powered turntable painted with two-part epoxy and fitted with vinyl skirting to minimize water-spray on power unit and drive components.

    Chemical Processing Plant Mechanical VRC lift with Steelcote paint finish used to transport chemicals between multiple levels in the factory.

    Scissors Dock Lift A heavy duty scissors lift with non-skid walking surface, waterproof controls and a weatherproof cover was mounted outdoors in a recessed pit.

    Utility Lift A mechanical VRC lift was installed outdoors, allowing roof access to maintenance tools and equipment. The drive unit has a cover to minimize exposure to wind-blown rain.

    Residential Parking Lift Special scissors lift used to transfer vehicles from garage level to basement level was given a powder coat finish to minimize rust and corrosion when vehicles came in from rain and snow.

    Gambling Boat Access Bridge Hydraulic powered hinged bridge with non-skid walking surface and two-part epoxy finish used to span the distance between shore and a docked boat

    Equine Clinical Table Scissors tables with powder coated base and legs, a platform finished with sprayed plastic, and sockets for removable head and leg pieces.

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