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Autoquip offers customers a wide variety of electrical control options from simple wired limit switches to wireless computer controlled systems. Whether your needs dictate simple relay controls,or fully integrated PLC controlled automation systems on an isolated network, our in house sales and engineering staff have the experience and knowledge to design the system that solves your material handling problems in a cost effective manner.

Autoquip has expertise with the following control options and can work with you to integrate and combine with other control systems as well.

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Pushbuttons or footswitches

Simple human interface devices for initiating the lift's movement. 

  • Push Button Controls

Joystick Controls

Autoquip offers a variety of joystick controllers to guide the operation of our scissors lift equipment.  Ideal for use in portable applications where remote control operation is needed.  

  • Joy Stick Control

Relays (mechanical or programmable)

A basic device to add simple “if this happens do this” logic to the system.  

Limit switches (mechanical or proximity)

Used to initiate, stop, indicate a position or activate another device. Mechanical switches have a movement arm that physically is attached or touches two parts of the device being controlled. Proximity switches are able to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact and with a very high reliability factor since they have no moving parts like a mechanical limit switch.

Photo eyes

A device used to detect the distance, absence, or presence of an object by using a light transmitter and a receiver.

Encoders (rotary or linear)

Converts a relative position (rotary or linear) to an analog or digital signal for further processing by the controls system.


A Programmable Logic Controller is a digital computer used for automation of electromechanical processes. PLC output results are produced at the programmed time in response to input conditions from other devices such as pushbuttons, relays, limit switches, photo eyes and encoders. Customizable PLC ports allow workers to access the control panel’s isolated network without opening the doors


Human-machine interface is the part of the control system that handles the interaction between the operator and the machine. Touch screens with graphical user interfaces, membrane switches and rubber keypads are examples of the interfaces that we can see and touch. These are commonly used to initiate, monitor and or control multiple programs and systems.

  • HMI Controls


A variable frequency drive is a type of adjustable speed control used in electro-mechanical drive systems to control speed and torque by varying the motor input frequency and voltage.

Remote Access Connectivity

Autoquip offers a remote access connectivity system dubbed Engineer in a Box which allows the engineers at Autoquip to interact with networked control systems in the field. This service provides an alternative to a site visit which can become rather costly in time and money for both Autoquip and the customer.  

Engineer in a Box is connected into a networked control system that allows our control engineer to access the system remotely in real time from any location. The primary internet connection is through a standard cellular signal or a hardwired connection can be added. The engineers can access the module through the system provider’s secured communication network. The module facilitates remote troubleshooting, maintenance and more; saving everyone involved time and money. Engineer in a Box also allows for the remote uploading of any networked component. 

Engineer in a Box is being offered to customers as a product lease or purchase.  Available to customers who have ethernet enabled PLCs, HMIs, VFDs provided with their lift equipment.

  • Remote Access Connectivity

Wireless HMI

Mobile HMI touchscreen from a smart phone or tablet controls the equipment, receives feedback and effectively monitors the operation from any location within the facility.


  • Wireless HMI Controls

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