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Autoquip lifts are used in multiple ways within a conveyor line.   Whether it involves assisting in feeding product onto the conveyor, loading or unloading trucks, transporting pallet loads, or tilting packages to move off the conveyor, we have provided many lifting solutions to work in line with a conveyor system. And with our extensive experience designing custom lifts, we have met the demands of some of the most unique conveyance applications; even a lift to hang on the ceiling upside down to lift a part attached to a fixture and move along the factory from an overhead trolley.   

We will consult with you to understand your unique conveyor challenge and deliver a high-value material handling solutions to match that need.  No product being conveyed is too bulky or heavy for our design solutions.

We work with many conveyor manufacturers and integrators to offer options that can be mounted to our scissor lifts, tilters, turntables, and VRC’s to help you fully optimize your manufacturing process.  Along with conveyor systems, we also offer accessories including Stops, Guard Rails, Gates, and Controls.

Non-Powered Conveyance

Non-Powered Conveyors are the simplest and most economical type of conveying system that employs gravity or manual assistance to move an item from place to place.  And, when fitted with one of our scissor lifts, you can reduce manpower even further. We offer several styles of roller options for manual conveyors, including:

  • Gravity Rollers
  • Chain Transfers
  • Steel Rollers
  • Ball Transfers
  • Wheel Conveyors
  • Air Cargo Casters
  • Conveyor Deck Turntables (powered or manual)

Powered Conveyance

To optimize productivity, we offer motor-driven powered conveyor solutions.   Powered Conveyors are the right choice for applications requiring constant motion or for items that need to travel long distances.  Our customers use powered conveyor systems to integrate with our lift equipment.  Their products can be transferred from one powered conveyor onto the lift then lifted to another receiving powered conveyor as part of a fully automated system.   Types of powered conveyors offered include:

  • Belt Conveyors
  • Slat Conveyors
  • Powered Rollers

Conveyor Accessories

We offer all the extras to complete your conveyor system.

  • Stops
  • Guard Rails
  • Gates
  • Controls
  • Coatings
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  • 'Conveyors
  • 'Scissor
  • 'Conveyor
  • 'Lift

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