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Autoquip offers 3 types of actuation to operate the movement of our lift equipment:  Hydraulic, Mechanical,and Pneumatic (Air).  The proper lift actuation depends on the type of application and the environment in which the lift will be operating; whether exact positioning is an important feature, or used in an environmentally sensitive facility. 

  1. Hydraulic actuation is the most common method of movement. Inherent advantages include smaller foot print, flexibility, and capacity. Hydraulic fluid is delivered to the cylinders which provides a force to raise the lift. 
  2. Mechanical actuation typically driven by an electric motor and gear box design provides extreme positioning accuracy and commonly utilizes a linear ridged chain to raise and lower the lift.
  3. Pneumatic actuation is a clean and durable option for environmentally sensitive applications.  Powered by an air bag and used as the main lifting force to raise the scissor legs- no electric power or hydraulic fluid required. 

Our experienced sales team will work with you to make sure the right actuation is provided to get the job done.  

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Hydraulic Actuation

Hydraulic actuation works by creating pressurized hydraulic oil in the cylinders that work to raise and lower the lift.  Ideal for lifting heavy loads and widely accepted by most manufacturing plants and warehouses.  Hydraulic components are compact and less intrusive allowing for more flexibility in the lift design.  Autoquip offers hydraulic actuation in most all of our scissor lift and dock lift models, as well as our Cantilever and Freightlite VRC's.   

Mechanical Actuation

Autoquip offers several options for mechanical actuation to our scissor lift and Freight Lift VRC designs.  Most common is stacked chain technology to interlock under a load to form a rigid and stable lifting column.  This type of actuation is ideal for applications where hydraulics cannot be used, precise load positioning is needed, or where high travel in a small foot print is required.

Autoquip’s VRC Mechanical Freight Lifts operate by lifting and lowering the carriage by roller chain attached to an electric motor/reducer assembly mounted on the guide columns.  Mechanical Freight Lifts are recommended for applications requiring the transport of larger loads (6,000 to 20,000 lbs. capacity). 

Ball screw actuation provides a great mechanical lifting solution for applications requiring automation, longevity, and repeatability.  Lift equipment with this type of actuation are designed to provide zero load drift at any elevation.  Autoquip has available Vertical Ball Screw and Horizontal Ball Screw Mechanical Lifts. 

A vertical ball screw actuator supports the scissors lift at the table.  The ball screw actuator is mounted at the clevis end of the scissors lift and is driven through a gear reducer and powered by an electric brake motor.  The position of the vertical lead screw can be designed for above or below grade.

The horizontal ball screw is mounted to the center axle of the scissors lift and driven by a gear motor. The ball screw lead pushes or pulls a heavy duty, wheeled "truck" which runs on specially designed cam profiles attached to the legs which in turn force open or close the scissors leg set and raise or lower the lift.

Autoquip has used spiral lift technology in some of our scissor lift designs which is another choice for applications requiring mechanical actuation.  This technology uses a coiled, flexible flat steel spring that expands with the insertion of a thin vertically oriented spiral steel band. The result is a fully adjustable column formed of continuously integrated I-shaped sections.  Its compactness enables it to be integrated into very small lift tables without interfering with adjacent lift tables.

Pneumatic Actuation

Air bag actuated scissor lifts are designed to use compressed air to operate the lift.  Well-suited for light loads and assembly work where exact positioning is not required. Provides a great solution for clean room applications where hydraulics is not allowed; simple to use with shop-supplied air.

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