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Lift Deflection

Autoquip offers design options to minimize deflection.  Deflection is a normal and expected characteristic of industrial scissors lifts.  It happens when a load is applied or removed from a scissor lift causing a change in elevation to the lift.  For some applications, the change in elevation can be a problem because the lift must interface with adjoining or fixed elevations – especially when transferring rolling loads.  As part of our custom solutions, we can help minimize deflection by adding locking pins or landing legs to the lift. 

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Locking Pins

Autoquip can install powered locking pins that are mounted beneath the scissor lift platform or adjoining fixed landing. The pins are extended into receivers located in the mating elevated structure to help stabilize the lift and eliminate the deflection as the load is transferred. 

  • Locking Pins for Lift Platform

Landing Legs

Autoquip can increase the platform strength by adding landing legs which will support the load on all sides improving the resistance to deflection. 

  • Powered Landing Legs for Scissor Lifts

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