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Locking Pins & Devices

Autoquip offers locking devices and locking pins for maintaining the platform height during applications bearing excessive loads or position holding.  

Customers who experience problems maintaining correct positioning will benefit from adding locking devices, and Autoquip will custom-manufacturer a locking system specifically for your application. Options for manual or powered actuated locks.

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Platform Locking Pins

Locking pins are used during excessive load applications so that the platform supports all the weight taking the stress off the scissor legs or hydraulic system which can help extend the life of the equipment.

Locking pins can be manual or powered, and mounted on the sides of the lift platform or an adjoining fixed landing. The pins are extended into receivers located in the mating elevated structure during load transfer, and then retracted before the lift can be operated again.

  • Locking Pins

Leg Locking Device

Locking devices are used in applications where the platform needs to be leveled in one position over an extended period of time.  The locking device is mounted to the base frame and is activated when the scissor legs are in a raised position.  When the lift is ready to travel again, the locking device is released by using hydraulic/pneumatic power.


  • Hydraulic Locking Device

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