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Many operations call for a lift to be relocated to a different location or work position, move heavy equipment from one location to another, insert raw material into a stamping press, transport WIP along an assembly line, or position workers along a horizontal path for assembly, repairs, or picking. Autoquip offers many custom design options to push, pull, tug, move, or transport any one of our lifting products. 

We offer both manual and powered mobility options.  To manually move a lift we offer such options as adding wheels, casters, tires, or air casters.  When the lift or load is heavier, we offer powered driven transport options to include powered drive wheel(s), air powered casters/bearings, or chain drive system. 

Autoquip has all the mobile options to give you the flexibility and maneuverability required of your lift equipment.  If you don’t see a mobile option from our list below, give us a call to discuss your lift transport requirements.


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Our most common means for transporting a lift for light to medium weight material handling applications is to fit the scissor lift base with wheel sets.  For simple relocation of an empty lift, the mounting of two wheels on base frame with the use of a separate lifting tongue and dolly handle makes movement of an empty lift easy.  Or four fixed wheels can be mounted on the ends or sides of the base frame, based on the customer requirement.  Steel wheels, to withstand rugged and demanding environments or phenolic surface wheels can be used for smooth surfaces.  Autoquip can help fit your lift with the right wheel set to keep it mobile and productive.

  • Wheels sets for scissor lifts

Fixed Track - Rail Guided

Many heavy capacity and/or repetitive environments may require the lift to move up and down rails.  For this application Autoquip can mount manual or powered wheels for use on rails.

Another application for rail mounted scissor lifts may be for personnel work platforms that move up and down a picking row or manufacturing position.  To meet ANSI MH 29.1 a mobile personnel lift must travel on a fixed, predetermined path to meet the scissor lift code.

  • Fixed Track - Rail Guided


Autoquip offers heavy-duty caster wheels to handle tough loads.  Casters can make transporting a heavy loaded lift easier and can move material across a variety of surfaces in extreme applications. We offer locking swivel casters which allow for a 360-degree shift in direction for ease of maneuvering and then locking in a stationary position.  Another option we provide is casters that have a wheel brake with a foot-operated lever connected to its axel, to compress the caster frame against the center of the caster to prevent rolling.   Autoquip will support the specific, caster fitting for your lift based on load capacity requirements, your application, and environment.  

  • Casters

Powered Drive Wheel

Mobility for heavy loads becomes easy with a powered drive wheel to help move materials effortlessly across plant floor.  Powered by battery, easy steering and adjustable controls, equipped with emergency stop devices for quick and safe system shut-off.

  • Powered Drive Wheel

2 Wheel Electric Drive System & 2 Wheel Hydraulic Drive System

2 Wheel Electric Drive systems are ideal for linear traversing applications where heavy loads must be precisely positioned and moved along a track for assembly work or repairs.  The movement of the lift is controlled electronically by programming or can be operated by a hand-held control pendant. Hydraulic 2 Wheel Drive systems are also available.

  • 2 Wheel Electric Drive System

Hydraulic Cylinder Push/Pull (limited horizontal travel)

A perfect solution for short travel, horizontal distances where the area of travel can accommodate the amount of real-estate used by the cylinder assembly.   Provides the optimal mobile solution for work platform lifts where workers need to raise and move themselves up close to the machinery or tooling to conduct maintenance work.  Operated by handheld or push button controls.

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Push Pull

Air powered - Air Caster/Bearing Drive System

Autoquip has solved many load moving problems by equipping our lift equipment with an air powered drive system which involves using air bearings for continuous flow of air that moves and positions the lift by a single-operator controller.  Low-floor loading and less friction make this an ideal solution for delicate applications.  Air bearings are options for very high capacity moves.

  • Air Casters

Magnetic Motion for horizontal traverse

Mobile solutions utilizing electromagnetics are excellent for clean room or any other applications where the contact of electric motors, switches, or air systems in the work environment are prohibited.  This is a great option for low profile applications with limited installation areas, and offers a more eco-friendly powered operation.

Recessed In-floor Chain drive

Drag style transfers with pulling mechanism are most commonly used for assembly line applications.  Loads that need to move horizontal and in one direction are controlled by a single chain that handles the entire process.  This method of mobility requires a large amount of concrete to be excavated for the drive system to be installed and located below grade, but once in place can increase speed of production lines significantly.  

  • Recessed In-Floor Chain Drive

Fork Truck Pockets

To conveniently move your scissor lift to another location using a fork truck, Autoquip will simply add fork truck pockets to the base frame.  Forks from any standard fork truck can easily slip into pockets to safely move or relocate the lift.  Autoquip offers fork truck pockets on two sides of base frame or all sides of base frame for ease of fork lift operation.

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