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Platform: Configurations, Sizes, Shapes

Autoquip specializes in designing custom lift platforms to meet your unique application requirements. 

  • Custom-built shapes and sizes to fit bulky, odd-shaped materials or equipment
  • Custom fixtures to fit specific machinery
  • Custom conveyors to integrate with your existing system
  • Custom tilters & turntables mounted to the top of the platform
  • Custom surfaces for worker safety
  • Custom work platforms for safe accessibility

All platforms become special when application requests fall beyond the scope of our standard minimum and maximum platform sizes on our standard base models.  All our base models are rated for maximum load capacity and maximum end/side load to ensure functional integrity of the lift.   We adhere to that same engineering principle when designing our custom platforms and every uniquely shaped, sized or configured platform has been tested for optimal performance and rated based on those tested results.

Contact Us and we will help you design the perfect platform configuration to solve your project needs. 

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Designed for applications requiring a larger platform work area for bigger, heavier loads.  We will custom fit your lift equipment with the right size platform to handle your specific product requirement. 


We build custom-shaped platforms designed around your unique product or manufacturing floor layout.


Over the years, Autoquip has designed and built numerous custom fixtures to hold parts, tooling, and machinery for a variety of industries.  We design fixtures to meet specified requirements for positioning, placement, number of parts, deflection and capacity.  Our turnkey solutions including fixture design, mounting, and testing.  If you already have the fixture, you can send to Autoquip for fitting with the lift equipment.


We offer complete turnkey services to custom fit your lift equipment with a wide variety of conveyor options including:

  • Chain and roller transfers
  • Conveyor deck turntables
  • Transfer cars
  • Ball transfer
  • Slat conveyors
  • Belt roller conveyors
  • Wheel conveyors

Our material handling specialists are available to assist you with your lift equipment to offer the right conveyor fitting for your specific application.


We design custom tilters to handle a broad range of positioning applications and of varying sizes to meet your specific product requirements.  They can be mounted to the lift platform for a tilt and lift solution or placed directly on the floor.


We build custom turntables to handle a wide range of capacities, configurations, and product types.  The turntable is mounted to the lift platform or can be placed directly on the floor.

Work Platforms

We offer a wide range of options that can be easily integrated with your work platform: guards, gates, handrails, stairways, ladders, and more. 

Surface Materials

As part of our custom services, we can fit any platform surface with special flooring based on your environment needs.  We offer an extensive selection of durable materials for wash down, clean room, outdoor, and no slip applications.   

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