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Platform Extensions

Autoquip specializes in outfitting work platform lifts and scissor lifts with platform extensions that slide or shuttle out one end or side of the deck, or even multiple ends or sides to provide a larger work area. Platform Extensions are used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Move the worker closer to the work
  • Fill the gaps between the work platform and the fixture or product
  • Used to extend heavy equipment for mating or installation 

Primary considerations in our design for platform extensions are the application - size & capacity, and required extension length.  Based on those answers, will help us determine the following design features:

  • Utilize eccentric captured rollers or machine linear guide system 
  • Powered or manually operated
  • Permanently affixed or temporarily mounted to the platform
  • Type of Controls: onboard controls, ground controls, or by incorporating a programmable partial or fully automated control system. 

Autoquip has experience designing platform extensions ranging from full platform to partial platform sizes based on application requirements. Give us a call to discuss adding platform extensions to your custom work platform. 


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Adjustable Platform Extensions

Most often considered as an extension of the platform and is adjustable to use only the area needed at a time; retractable when not in use.  

  • Platform Extensions

Full Platform Shuttle

Some material handling or work platform applications require the entire platform to be shuttled from the “home” position which is over the scissor leg assembly to a set location for access to a product or work space.  This feature allows the operator to better line up the work platform to the fixture without having to move the lift or the fixture. Full Platform Shuttles are designed by using a double acting hydraulic cylinder to push the platform out then back to the “home” position.  

  • Platform Shuttle


Sliders, or sometimes called “drawers” are partial extensions designed to solve for obstructions getting in the way of accessing a fixture or product.  They are an ideal solution for reducing the gap between the lift and the fixture without extending the entire platform.  


Also known as “finger” style, these are several small platform sections designed to contour over the shape of the work piece to allow for safe walk on access


A platform design from Autoquip called “Aperture” built to close 360 degrees around a cylindrical product providing access to the centered work piece.  This method of closing the gap is typically used when a product is vertically long and while being constructed is moved up and down, or the workers are being moved up and down depending on the point of work.  

Aperture Work Platform Video

  • Custom Platforms

Hinged Platform

Platform sections that are hinged together, so they can easily open and close for loading or removing a work piece.   


  • Platform Extensions

Throw-Over Bridge

A Throw-Over Bridge provides a convenient cover for a transition gap between dock and truck. 

  • Throw-Over Bridge for Dock Lifts

Approach Ramp

Autoquip can custom build approach ramps for those applications needing ground-level accessibility for drive-on loading or off-loading with a pallet jack or utility dolly. 

  • Approach Ramps for Scissors Lifts

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