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Autoquip specializes in designing custom tilting systems for specific products and applications that require special positioning or re-orientation of loads.  We have experience customizing tilters for many uncommon applications that require an extensive range of positioning, re-positioning of oversized material loads, or mounting special fixtures that hold the product during the tilting process. 

Our custom tilting solutions can be used in conjunction with an automated system, mounted to a platform for a lift and tilt work positioner, or as a stand-alone tilter.  Most commonly tilters are used as standalone system to either tilt crates/boxes/parts bins for ergonomic motions of loading or unloading product.  Some tilters are portable with battery operated power units and wheels for relocating the load anywhere as needed.  Other times tilters are used in conjunction with lifts for repositioning loads for access and even using a tilting motion as a “kicker” to easily eject a load from a platform to an adjacent receiving station.  Whatever the tilting application, Autoquip’s innovative technology and years of application experience can help you create the optimal solution.

Learn more about the types of tilter options we offer, or give us a call to custom-create a tilter to meet your requirements. 

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Upenders completely re-position the load from its side to its end “Eye to the Sky”.  Tips up to 90°.  Our custom design capabilities have included fitting the lift with v-decks and other custom fixtures to hold special sizes and loads. 

High Hinge Dumpers

High Hinge Dumper are tilters that capture debris and have a higher pivot point from a regular tilter which makes it dump its load or contents. 

Flip Flop

Flip flops are commonly used for heavy loads for which the center of gravity must stay within the center line of the load, so as not to cause damage to the load.  

All In One Tilt Lift

All in one tilt and lift equipment (Tilt Lift) simultaneously lifts and tilts the load creating an efficient system especially in environments where operation, footprint and accessibility are limited. 

Non-Impinging Tilt

This style tilter is designed to operate within its footprint; not intruding into the work space or forcing the worker back during operation. The worker can stand right up to the platform, and as the tilt begins, the platform draws back therefore not taking away any of the works space.

Degree of Tilting

Autoquip’s configurations of tilters range from a predetermined degree of tilt like 30, 45, 90, 180 degrees, or anywhere in between.

Tilter Actuation

Autoquip offers 3 types of actuation to operate the movement of our tilt equipment: Hydraulic, Mechanical, and Pneumatic.

Hydraulic actuation works by pressurized fluid in cylinders that work to tilt the platform in a preset degree of tilt.  The hydraulic tilter is most commonly used and Autoquip can provide custom solutions in a variety of configurations and capacities with this type of actuation to fit any customers tilting requirements.

Autoquip can custom fit tilters with electro-mechanical actuation for operations where hydraulics cannot be used.  Most common is an electrical operated linear actuator or ball screw drive.  Ball screw actuation provides a great electro-mechanical tilting solution for applications requiring automation, longevity, and repeatability. Tilt equipment with this type of actuation are designed to provide zero load drift at any degree. The screw actuator is mounted at the base of the tilt and is driven through a gear reducer and powered by an electric motor as it pushes against a connection point on the platform for the tilting operation. 

Pneumatic actuation for tilters use an air bag or use air powered - hydraulic power unit to compress air to operate the tilt movement.  Shop air is connected for the operation and can be controlled with either a foot or hand valve for the tilt and return functions.

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