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Turn & Rotate

Autoquip specializes in providing custom-designed turntables for diverse and demanding applications including:

  • Assembly Line Integration
  • Flush-Floor, Pit Mounted 
  • Palletizing
  • Fixture Positioners
  • High Capacity Loads

We have the experience in designing turntables as a single piece of equipment, or ones that are mounted on top of the scissor lift platform.  Available as manual or powered, they can be customized to have 360 degree continuous rotation in both direction, or restricted movement with detents or stops added.  

Autoquip defines turntable customization!  We have several case study examples of successful projects that have been completed by our team of engineers. Below are the types of custom turntables offered by Autoquip.  If you don’t see what you need, give us a call to discuss your situation; we have the solution. 

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Flush-floor, Pit-Mounted Turntables

Turntables are installed into a pit in the floor to provide a top deck that is flushed with the floor.  Floor-level turntables provide an ideal solution for packaging products that are at a similar elevation to the loading or off-loading area.   

Top Mounted Turntable

Autoquip can custom design a turntable to be top mounted to any fixed work table.  Our customers have found that by adding a turntable to an existing operation greatly improves the worker's performance because rotating the load elminates reaching and bending.  Just supply us with your specifications, and we will build a turntable to fit your existing work table.   

Scissor Lift Turntables

Turntables can be mounted directly to any Autoquip scissor lift platform and are available in a wide range of capacities and configurations. They provide an enhanced ergonomic working condition as the lift and turn can be raised to a comfortable height to support the worker’s needs. 

Explosion Proof Turntables

Autoquip offers turntable solutions specifically engineered for hazard operating environments.  We take into account the working environment and custom manufacture the units to specifically withstand the effects of that environment.  

High Capacity Turntables

Autoquip specializes in custom turntables for high capacity, heavy-duty industrial loads.  The ring bearings mechanisms for our high capacity turntables are rated for high eccentric loads which our ideal for wheeled loads and other off-centered loading applications.  Our competitive advantage is to design to the needs of the customer.  Bring us your capacity and dimension requirements, and our experienced engineering team will create a unique turntable solution suited to support your high capacity needs. 

Air Bearing Turntables

Autoquip offers turntables with air bearing technology which will eliminate friction caused by rotating heavy loads; a great option for environmentally sensitive applications.  Air Bearing Turntables make rotating heavy loads almost effortless.  

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