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    POD Positioning Lift: Serving the Military with Specialized Lift Equipment.


Specialized Equipment for Assembly, Testing, Logistics, and Positioning of Various Craft for the Military, and Custom Solutions for Other Branches of the Government

Autoquip has extensive background and experience working with many end-users inside the United States government and governments around the world - including various branches of the US Military, the US Coast Guard, US Marshall Service, Dept. of Energy, and Dept. of Agriculture.  Applications include personnel work lifts for assembly and inspection tasks, lifts and tilters used at various Logistics commands in the repair and maintenance of critical components, handling and positioning of ordinates and other attachments to the various crafts, and craft and component loading and unloading at the dock.

Autoquip has an experienced technical staff acquainted with military standards, an extensive technical library containing nationally recognized equipment safety standards, and one of the largest engineering staffs in the industrial lift industry. Our engineers aid in the proper management and support of government projects, including the creation of 3D parametric CAD models of all equipment, stress analysis of all critical components, and regular publication of project timelines.   These tools, combined with Autoquip's commitment to quality and timely delivery, ensure that you are provided with a reliable, long-lasting material handling solution.

  • A sampling of specialized equipment solutions that Autoquip has designed and manufactured for various government agencies include:

    Work Positioning Equipment Pneumatic and hydraulic scissors tables, industrial tilters, and manual turntables are used primarily for, keeping the work within the "power zone" of the worker during pallet build-up and break-down, parts handling, and other assembly or positioning tasks.

    Tank Loading Platform High-capacity dual ram platform lift raises and lowers Bradley tanks and Hummers from dock position to transport vehicle elevation.

    Bin and Basket Positioning Tilters Industrial tilters minimize reaching and bending by tilting wire, wood, and metal parts bins toward the operator.

    POD Positioning Lifts Portable manual or mechanical hydraulic scissors table adjust the lift deck position in four different axes to raise and attach "PODs" to the underside of aircraft wings.

    Submarine De-Commissioning Material Lifts Removable, high-capacity four-post mechanical vertical reciprocating conveyor is designed to be temporarily installed in a dry-dock area to transfer pieces of submarine from the floor of the dock to the grade level above.

    Conveyor Transfer Lines Scissors lifts with gravity or powered conveyor transfer to position product during the assembly and/or packaging process.

    Radar Positioning Lift Table A hydraulic scissors table, with radar equipment attached to the deck, is mounted to the back of a truck chassis. Radar equipment is then raised and held at various locations in the desert.

    High Travel Vertical Lifts Vertical reciprocating conveyor and high-travel scissors lift designs safely transfer carts with component parts from one landing to another for assembly, storage, or inventory.

    Radar Testing Work Platform Lift High-capacity dual ram platform lifts with fiberglass guard rails and personnel gates are used to allow safe access to radar testing fixtures located at extreme heights.

    Platform Lift for a Throne A hydraulic single ram platform lift is used to raise a king above the level of his many advisors during their meetings.

    Witness Chair Lifts Low profile hydraulic scissors lifts are used in court rooms to raise disabled or handicapped witnesses from ground level to judge.

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