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  • Modular Home

    Lift systems to handle large modular home assembly or other heavy-duty, complex loads.


Autoquip develops a simple yet precise modular home lift system using multiple hydraulic scissors lifts and a master programmable controller

The design team at Autoquip has developed a cost-efficient method of raising and lowering 40-foot factory built homes while keeping them level within ¼ inch.  By combining the simplicity, reliability, and durability of multiple hydraulic scissors tables with the versatility and precision of a programmable controller (PLC), Autoquip has created a safe and repeatable method of handling this large, flexible load without damage to the interior sheetrock walls or other features.  An innovative approach, involving lifting from beneath rather than above, has improved safety, productivity, and, when provided with wheels, the flexibility to move and reposition the lifts depending on the home's length and configuration. 

Precision, reliability, durability, and versatility at the lowest possible price and lowest possible lead time helps companies who manufacture prefabricated homes.  That's the advantage and value of working with the problem solvers and solution providers at Autoquip.


  • Other lifting and handling solutions that Autoquip has designed and manufactured for the Modular Home Industry include:

    Work Platform Lifts Fixed and portable scissors lifts provide assembly personnel access to sides and top of a factory built home during assembly, painting, and inspection.

    Material Lifts Portable hydraulic scissors lifts raise various parts from ground level to the floor of the modular home during the assembly process.

    Dock Lift Pit-mounted scissors lifts at the dock area raise a pallet jack and person to truck bed height for unloading delivery trucks, then lower them to dock height for receipt into inventory.

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