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Mechanical Scissor Lift

Autoquip Provides More Mechanical Lift Designs Than Any Other Manufacturer – For Precise & Programmable Lift Elevations

Autoquip stands alone in the industry as the leading manufacturer of mechanically powered lifting solutions. Less common than hydraulic lifts, the mechanical lift provides a unique range of features and benefits for applications calling for more precise control. They are readily programmable and automated, maintain their platform height over extended periods of time, and do not leak oil. Mechanical lifts also offer repeatability in elevation to approximately .06" accuracy.

Because of these unique features, common applications for mechanical lifts include automated or PLC controlled systems, clean room environments, food processing, and critically precise assembly.  Autoquip offers mechanical platform lifts and scissors lifts with limited travel to 20 feet, and mechanical VRC lifts with travel up to 100 feet.  

All of our mechanical lifts can be modified to meet specific requirements and meet or exceed the requirements of all applicable national safety codes.

With the largest selection of lifts, Autoquip can provide you with the lift you need. To request a quotation please click here.

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