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Double Arm Scissors Lifts – Premium American Lift Family Replaced with Updated & Expanded “SUPER TITAN” High Capacity Scissors Lifts

Originally developed and built by American Lifts, the Double Arm family of scissors lift has been made in the USA for over 30 years. Since Autoquip's acquisition of the American Lift company, the Double Arm series has been manufactured at our factory in the heartland of America. However, the outmoded style of this legacy family of American Lifts demanded a replacement.  We now point our former Double Arm customers to an expanded, updated, and more easily customized family of high-capacity scissors lifts called Super Titan./products/scissor-lift-tables/super-titan   

Some answers to common questions we are already receiving:

Q:    Why was this done? 
A:    Three reasons. First, Double Arm components will soon be obsolete and more difficult to procure and replace. Second, most of the Double Arm's design history is still in paper format - not electronic CAD files - and is extremely difficult to modify and customize. And last, the Double Arm design is based on outdated manufacturing technologies, which drive up cost when duplicated with modern machinery and techniques.

Q:    What about the Double Arm lift I own today?
A:    Autoquip will continue to service and support all Double Arm lifts in the field. We've started the process of crossing over to alternate, retrofit parts to substitute those commonly replaced parts that are experiencing obsolescence.

Q:    So are you saying that you can't or won't sell me a Double Arm lift similar to one that I already have?
A:    Absolutely not!  Our design engineers can and will develop a near equivalent to any model lift you may own or desire.  However, this will come at a higher "special-design" price and longer lead time than that available with our family of Super Titan lifts.

Our Super Titan High-Capacity families of lift tables have more models to choose from, more available options, lower prices, and shorter lead times - at the same high quality and dependability you've come to expect from Autoquip and American Lifts.  We also stand behind every Series 35 and Titan lift by offering a 2-year guarantee.

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