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Heavy Duty Industrial Tilters for Load Repositioning, Palletizing & De-palletizing

90 Degree Upenders (also called "Flip-Flop Upenders") are heavy industrial hydraulic tilters that safely upend or down-end a wide variety of heavy, bulky, or odd-shaped objects at controlled speeds. Double acting hydraulic cylinders are used, with the hydraulic power unit located inside or outside the tilter base frame. Typical applications include coil and die handling, engine block manufacturing, coil reorientation, and palletizing or de-palletizing. 90 degree Upenders have a footprint which is approximately equal to the sum of both tilter "wings" or decks.

Autoquip's 90 Degree Upenders have become the top choice for customers demanding the very best in rugged, high capacity, custom-built industrial tilters. Our team of technical sales and design experts excel at providing our customers with specialized, custom-built tilting solutions at the lowest possible price and with the shortest possible lead time.

Features and Benefits

Durability and Quality

  • Joints, the most critical wear points in the lift, feature chrome-plated, 100,000 psi, ultimate-strength pins for premium load strength and long life.
  • Minimum 1/4-inch-thick steel-reinforced platform minimizes deck deflection, maximizes load stability, and greatly extends the life of the platform deck.
  • Solid steel linkages provide structural integrity and stability throughout the tilting process.
  • Chrome-plated rods improve durability extend the life of cylinders and seals.

Maintenance and Warranty

  • Autoquip offers an industry-best 2 year warranty on all parts as a promise that you've purchased the industry's most reliable upender.
  • Maintenance-free bearings at pivot points require no lubrication.
  • Manual override valves allow partially tilted loads to be manually lowered in the event of power loss or other unforeseen emergency.
  • Sturdy, semi-transparent polyurethane oil reservoir provides an easily visible method of checking fluid levels and eliminates oil contamination due to rust.
  • Double wire braided Parker hydraulic hoses resist wear, abrasion, and leaks.


  • Standard controls are prewired and drive unit is already onboard. Installation only requires the tilter to be lagged to the ground and connected to electricity.
  • Exceptionally low lowered height allow greater on and off load flexibility.


  • Counter-balance valving controls the descent of a loaded tilter platform.
  • Minimum 3:1 structural factor of safety makes these lifts the most structurally sound lift in the industry.
  • Compliance with recognized standards:
    • ANSI MH29.2 - Safety Requirements for Industrial Tilters
    • NFPA 70 - National Electric Code
    • ASTM - A36 - Structural Steel Standard
    • ANSI Z535 - Safety Labeling Requirements
    • AWS D.1 - Welding Standards
    • Applicable portions of OSHA 29CFR1910 - General workplace safety¬†

With the largest selection of lifts, Autoquip can provide you with the lift you need. To request a quotation please click here.

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