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  • Pallet Handling

    Lift & Tilt solutions to improve the task of pallet transportation, loading / unloading, and order picking.


Industrial Lifts, Tilters and Turntables Used in the Safe and Efficient Handling of Palletized Loads

450 million new pallets are produced each year in the USA. And there are approximately 1.5 billion pallets in use at any given time. Manual loading and unloading of pallets continues to be one of the most common tasks performed in industry today.  

For over 50 years, Autoquip has been a world-class provider of equipment solutions for performing safe and efficient pallet handling applications.  Autoquip designs and manufactures a wide range of industrial lift, tilter, and turntable products that bring the work into the worker's unique ergonomic "power zone."

By improving the fit between the demands of palletizing/de-palletizing work tasks and the capabilities of the workers, Autoquip material handling solutions have benefited companies by reducing or preventing worker fatigue and injury, improving worker productivity and quality, and lowering worker's compensation claims and insurance costs.

  • Typical lift, turn, and tilt products that Autoquip and American Lifts have designed and manufactured for pallet applications include:

    Conveyor Transfer Lines Scissors lifts with a gravity conveyor or powered conveyor transfers and positions pallets with product during the assembly and/or packaging process.

    Tilter for Palletizing Tall Loads Special 80-degree tilter used by a brush trimmer manufacturer allows employees to build high stacks of lightweight boxes while standing on the floor before tilting the stack up onto a pallet for shrink wrapping.

    End-of-Conveyor Pallet Build-Up Lifts with Turntables Industrial scissors tables with manual or powered turntables used to build up layers of finished product onto pallets for shrink-wrapping.

    Automatic Indexing Lifts Hydraulic scissors tables equipped with photo-electric sensors, which are placed at either in-feed or out-feed conveyor positions adjacent to process machinery, automatically index up or down as layers of material are removed or added to a conveyed pallet.

    Saw-Feed Lifts Foot-operated lifts installed just upstream of powered saws manually adjust the elevation of the top layer of lumber for ease of pulling and aligning the pieces into the saw.

    Removal of Damaged Product from Pallet Industrial 90-degree tilters are used to down-end a palletized stack of layered goods, lay the stack on its side, and remove or replace damaged product within the stack before upending the load back onto the pallet for shrink wrapping.

    Pneumatic Pallet Break-Down Station Air bag-style pneumatic scissors table used in an area where there was no electricity to raise a pallet as layers of boxes were taken off the pallet and sent to inventory locations.

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