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Over 10,000 Models of Lifting Equipment. Each Designed with a Specific Purpose.

With over 65 years in the material handling business, Autoquip has built an extensive design library of standard lift equipment - over 10,000 models. Each one designed to accomplish a specific purpose.  Lifts designed to travel 24 to 144 inches, lift loads of 500 to 150,000 pounds - transport, shuttle, tilt or turn. A complete line of solutions for any type of lifting that your job demands.

Autoquip Lift’s serve a broad range of industries. From our full-line of scissor lifts for heavy equipment manufacturing to our dock lifts used by the logistics industry, freight lifts used by retail companies to work platforms for aerospace, Autoquip lift products have helped improve productivity for nearly every type of industry. 

Each lifting product is made with the best materials and components to deliver a robust lifting product that will fit our customer’s needs and serve them for years to come. And, because of our large collection of designs, we also have the capability to modify anyone of our standard lift products to maximize functionality to meet your specific lifting requirements. 

See our full line of lift products below. Click on each product to learn more about our product features, details and specifications.


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