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Dock Lifts by Autoquip

Autoquip's Loading Dock Equipment Improves Productivity at the Dock.

Autoquip offers a complete line of dock lift equipment including scissor lifts, truck levelers, bascule bridges and ram lifts – all to maximize efficiency and utilization at the dock.  

We have a variety of standard model selections that are designed for a variety of sizes and lifting capacities to fit most any standard dock bay or truck height. We continually strive to design and build durable, long-lasting dock equipment that can hold up to the most rigorous loading and offloading applications.

Most of our dock equipment can be modified or customized to meet the specific requirements of your particular application. We also offer a variety of options that add to the functionality of the dock lift including conveyors, deck locks, accordion skirting, anti-skid platforms, and more. 


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