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    Lifting, Turning, Stacking, Palletizing - Ideal Solutions for the Woodworking Industry.


Improving worker productivity and safety in common woodworking applications with the addition of simple, but effective, lifting and positioning equipment

With high-speed saws, planers, long work pieces, and large, cumbersome assemblies, the woodworking and furniture industries are particularly susceptible to workplace accidents and production inefficiencies.  At Autoquip, we custom design scissors tables, industrial tilters, and industrial turntables to enhance worker productivity and safety through ergonomics, increase efficiency and throughput by integrating with conveyor and automated systems, and expand storage of inventory or finished goods.

Autoquip understands the unique requirements of the woodworking industry, and our technical sales and design teams are experienced with industry-specific equipment features and options like access pockets for fork truck forks, corner guides for consistent pallet alignment, ball transfer tops for slave pallet handling, and vinyl accordion skirts to minimize dust and particle exposure to the power unit and electrical controls.  Autoquip is uniquely qualified to provide you with an innovative, affordable, and safe equipment solution to solve your specific woodworking or furniture processing need. 


  • Typical custom equipment solutions for the Woodworking Industry include:

    Automatic Indexing Lifts Hydraulic scissors tables equipped with photo-electric sensors are placed at either in-feed or out-feed conveyor positions adjacent to process machinery.

    Saw-Feed Lifts Foot-operated lifts installed just upstream of powered saws manually adjust the elevation of the top layer of lumber for ease of pulling and aligning the pieces into the saw.

    Door Manufacturing Lifts Large-footprint scissors lifts are used in stacking, de-stacking, and assembly of wooden doors.

    Furniture Assembly Lifts Pneumatic and hydraulic lifts are used to keep assembly work ergonomically positioned in a stationary or conveyed production line to minimize bending and reaching.

    Cabinet Assembly Tables Hydraulic or pneumatic scissors tables are used to ergonomically position cabinet components and assemblies with or without conveyor.

    Plane-Feed Lifts Foot-operated lifts installed just upstream of powered planers to manually adjust the elevation of the top layer of lumber and plywood for ease of pulling and aligning the pieces into the planer.

    Scrap/Drop Tilter DC-powered portable hydraulic tilters, intended to minimize reaching and bending as the container is loaded, are used to accumulate scrap into bins or baskets.

    Pallet Build-Up and Break-Down Stations Scissors lifts, with or without turntable, are placed at the end of a saw process to ergonomically position layers of lumber as they are being stacked or removed from the pallet.

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