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    All Access

    Custom Work Platforms

    Designed to Give You Access The Way You Need It. 

  • 'Customized
    Built to Spec and Size

    Custom Built Freight Lifts to Meet The Challenges That Fall Outside The Standards.

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    Tilt & Turn

    A Completely Customized Solution Designed for Your One-of-Kind Application.

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    Endless Possibilities

    We Address Application Problems with Specific Custom Lifting Solutions.  


Custom Lifts

What is a Custom Lift?

A custom lift isn’t a product – it’s a solution.  A solution to delivering a lifting product the way you need it.  If your application demands a Tilt, Turn, and Lift in a specialized way, Autoquip combines our unmatched level of design expertise and quality manufacturing to deliver.

Our Custom Lifting Solutions involve understanding your specific situation, clearly defining your objectives, and building a lift to meet those objectives. The result is a final product specifically built to perform exactly the way you require.  

We can handle even your most complex applications with a timely, cost-effective solution – whether it’s enhancing a standard product with any of our many design options, or engineering a custom turn-key system specifically for your project.

Drawing from a design library spanning more than 60 years, our forward-thinking engineering team has developed numerous innovative solutions to specialized applications. And our continuity of service and support is remarkable, with a Lead Engineer and Project Manager assigned to your project from kickoff to completion.

We don’t just know lifts – we understand your industry. With extensive experience in several sectors, we’re proficient in safety and compliance requirements, and can create opportunities to maximize productivity.

Designed and manufactured in America’s heartland, our lifting equipment solutions are used by customers worldwide. We’re proud to serve some of the world’s greatest brands, and look forward to putting you In Position to achieve more.

To learn more about our custom lift products and services, contact us today. 



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