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    Double High Scissor Lift: Many lifting options for handling rolls, sheets and pallets.


Autoquip provides standard and customized equipment solutions for paper, print, and graphics applications – for process and safety improvements

The paper, printing, publishing and graphics industries involve many operations that require lifting and handling of sheets, rolls, pallets and boxes of print material - all of which pose the risk of worker injury and manufacturing inefficiencies.  Over the past 40 years, Autoquip has developed unique material handing products for the print and paper industry, including Upenders, Coil Transfer Cars, and Roll Kick Traversing Tilters.

Coil and sheet handling products are provided with features and options like corner guides for pallet alignment, V-groove decks to center and secure rolled material, snub rollers to safely rotate rolls, and scissors lifts on traversing bases to elevate and load rolls to and from winding/unwinding mandrels. Autoquip understands the unique requirements of the print and paper industry, and our technical sales and design teams are experienced and qualified to provide you with a reliable and cost-effective equipment solution to solve your lifting, repositioning, or traversing need. 


  • Typical custom equipment solutions for the Print and Paper Industries include:

    End of Conveyor Palletizing Lift with Turntable Pit-mounted lift and turn combinations allow operators to ergonomically and efficiently load boxes and bundles of business forms onto a pallet for shipping.

    Roll Transfer Car Fixed height car with V-deck top and powered traversing base is used to transport rolls on a fixed track from one work cell to another, and transport empty "cores" when returning.

    Traversing Car with Roll Kick A custom designed scissors lift with traversing base and tilting top with V-deck is used to remove rolls from a mandrel, transport them, then raise the roll and "kick" (tilt) the roll off the side of the lift onto the in-feed side of a slitting machine.

    Roll Upender with Shuttle Special 90-degree tilter used to receive rolls of varying lengths on one platform wing, and manually shuttle the roll until its end is in contact with the second tilter wing prior to upending the roll on end.

    Roll Transfer Car with Scissors Lift A custom scissors lift with powered transport base and V-deck is used to pick rolls out of "saddles," transport them down a fixed track, then place them back onto a waiting "saddle" for staging.

    Indexing Sheet Feed Scissors Lift Scissors tables are used to index down automatically as layers of cardboard were dropped onto the lift on the out-feed side of a cutter.

    Cardboard Bundling Tilter A special non-intrusive tilter is used to rotate a stack of cardboard standing on edge to center the load and even up all edges before banding/bundling.

    High-Capacity Freight Lift A custom freight lift, using four direct-acting cylinders and rack and pinion equalization, is used to raise a large platform with six large rolls of paper between floors in a paper manufacturing facility.

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