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    Air Cargo Lifts Help Manage the Flow of Goods.


Increase Speed of Distribution with Autoquip's Scissors Lifts, Dock Lifts, Tilters and Turntables

Since 1957, Autoquip has been providing rugged and reliable material handling equipment designs for Logistics applications.  Common settings include factory floor or mezzanine, warehouse, parts crib, and around the loading dock, with inventory logistics including piece parts, boxes, pallets, and air cargo containers. Autoquip is your best choice for finding a creative industrial lifting or material handing solution to solve your industrial logistics or distribution need. 

We custom design heavy duty scissors tables, industrial tilters, and industrial turntables to enhance worker productivity through ergonomics, increase efficiency and throughput by integrating with automated systems, expand storage of parts with mezzanine lifts, and provide dependable solutions for  loading and unloading trucks and other vehicles at the dock.  Regardless of the application, Autoquip has the technical sales assistance, design capacity, and manufacturing capability to help you develop a high quality, long-lasting custom equipment solution unique to the Industrial Logistics industry.


  • Typical lifting and handling solutions that Autoquip has designed and manufactured for the Logistics Industry include:

    Semi-Trailer Lifts for Stadium Deliveries Large vertical ram lifts move semi-trailers from grade level to the loading dock.

    Mail Dumper and Turntable Industrial dumpers dump carts of mail onto a large rotating turntable to allow mail sorting by persons bound to a wheel chairs.

    Portable Dock Lift Special portable hydraulic scissors lifts with special portability wheel sets can be pulled to one or more trucks, then used to raise a fork truck to truck level for loading and unloading.

    Special Semi-Trailer Dumper A large hydraulic tilter with telescoping cylinders tilts an entire truck and trailer up to 45 degrees, dumping non-fragile loads into a large hopper.

    Air Cargo Lift High-capacity scissors lifts with gravity rollers and conveyor transfer air cargo containers between delivery vehicles and a raised dock at the edge of a depot building.

    Semi-Trailer Turntables High-capacity, large-diameter turntables turn trucks in confined areas 180 degrees before and after loading.

    Truck Levelers Surface- and pit-mounted hydraulic tilting platforms, accommodating various sizes of truck, raise the bed of each truck to dock height.

    Hydraulic Draw Bridges High-capacity tilting platforms are lowered to temporarily span rail spurs or other traffic ways and gain access to opposing docks or trucks, and are tilted 90 degrees to store the bridge in the vertical position.

    Parts Picking Lift High travel scissors lifts, portable and fixed, safely raise and lower personnel, desk, and computer, allowing personnel to pick parts from an adjoining parts storage rack/carousel system.

    End of Conveyor Palletizing A scissors lift with turntable is used to build up pallets of parts to satisfy a customer order, allowing the operator to ergonomically and efficiently load the pallet while standing in one position.

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