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    Large Animal Surgical Lifting Table: Specialized Equipment for Specialized Fields.


Adjustable-height evaluation, surgery, and necropsy tables for animals of all sizes

Autoquip has designed a wide variety of veterinary clinic or animal hospital tables, from small and simple to extremely large and elaborate, for the veterinary specialist medicine field.  Most of these lifts must be regularly washed and are therefore manufactured and finished with stainless steel, aluminum, powder coatings, and plastic/vinyl coatings that will not rust or corrode. Options for animal surgery and necropsy tables include tilting tops with strap-down provisions, removable and adjustable leg, hoof, and rests, surgery access panels, and custom pans for instruments or organs.  Whether canine, equine, or bovine, Autoquip can access its database of previous designs and develop a unique lift table solution for any animal evaluation, surgery, or necropsy applications. 

  • Typical lifting and handling solutions that Autoquip has designed and manufactured for the Veterinary Medicine field include:

    Stainless Steel, Multi-Axis, Large Animal Surgical Tables Hydraulic vertical ram lift with a stainless steel surgical table that lifts, tilts, and turns.

    Stainless Steel Animal Necropsy Tables Special scissors lift tables with stainless steel deck and sink.

    Equine Clinical Tables Scissor lift tables with powder coat base and legs, a platform finished with sprayed plastic, and sockets for removable head and leg pieces

    Small Animal Clinical Tables Low-capacity, low-travel scissors tables with stainless steel platform skins raise large canines to evaluation level.

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