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// Series 35 EXW Double Long

Ideal for Large, Bulky Loads Requiring Higher Side Load Capacities with Lot's of Stability

Series 35 Extra Wide Double Long scissor lift tables have two sets of wide-stance scissors mechanisms mounted end-to-end to provide higher lifting capacities, improved load stability, and added side load ratings. These lifts have the lowest profile lift design possible and are specifically designed to handle longer, wider, and heavier loads that can be transferred over the ends or sides of the lift.  Travel ranges from 24 inches to 60 inches with a capacity range from 4,000 to 24,000 lbs.

Common applications include conveyed loads, parts assembly and disassembly, and heavy work positioning. Improved ergonomics, worker productivity, and factory throughput can also be achieved.

The Series 35 family of scissor lift tables has been manufactured in America's heartland since 1982 and is designed to the highest standards of safety and reliability.  They're the most durable, versatile, and popular lineup of lifts sold today - while still being competitively priced. And although they're available in standard options, Series 35 scissor lift tables are most often customized because of their versatility and vast number of models and options.

Features and Benefits

 •  Lubricated-for-life composite bearings on all pivot points  •  Maintenance free bearings, no greasing required
 •  Solid one-piece steel legs with stiffener bars  •  Minimal platform deflection
 •  Turned, ground, polished and hard-chromed axle pins  •  Extended bearing life
 •  Direct thrust cylinders  •  Provides the lowest collapsed height
 •  Chrome plated cylinder rods  •  Corrosion resistance adds to life of cylinder
 •  Double wire braided hydraulic hoses  •  Extended hose life for added safety
 •  Velocity fuses on cylinders  •  Controlled descent in case of severed hose
 •  Maintenance (safety) devices  •  Easy servicing of hydraulic components
 •  Polyethylene fluid reservoir  •  Easy inspection for fluid level, condensation and pollutants
 •  Factory tested to 110% of capacity  •  Exacting standards means it works the first time, every time
 •  Internally mounted and pre-wired power unit with UL listed components  •  Ready to operate with zero plumbing and minimal wiring
 •  Built and designed in accordance with ANSI MH29.1  •  Designed to meet or exceed all industry standards
 •  Safety labels comply with ANSI Z535  •  Adds to employee's safety as the lift meets all industry standards for labeling
 •  Two year warranty

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