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CNH America - Tractor Tire Lift

Autoquip's Vertical Dual Ram Lifting system gets the job done for CNH tractor manufacturing assembly plant.

The Challenge

Our customer CNH America, a global manufacturer of agriculture and construction equipment required a lift system in their tractor manufacturing location to raise their tractors in order to change out the temporary tires and replace with actual tractor tires before shipping out to customers.

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip's Vertical Dual Ram Lifting system was just what was required to get the job done. The dual-platform lift system is pit mounted and designed small enough in width to cradle the tracker frame so it will not interfere with the tire change out. The dual ram-dual platform design is capable of lifting the front and rear of the tractor safely and steadily with a capacity of 50,000 for the complete lift system.

Solution Benefits

The custom design of this Dual Ram Lift System will improve productivity for CNH making the last line of assembly for changing out tires more efficient and quicker before loading up the tractors and shipping out to customers.

Published: 08/30/2012
Customer: CNH America
Tags: Agriculture , Vertical Ram Lifts - Dual Ram , Vertical Ram Lifts , Assembly , Work Platforms

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