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High Travel Scissor Lift Used to Support Gangway on Cruise Ship

High Travel Scissor Lift provides a gangway system to decrease the degree of slope for a smooth entry to the ship by passenger.  

The Challenge

A major cruise line was looking for a system to support their gangway for mid-ship entry to the main level, level three. They needed a lift that was flexible to adjust to the operations of preparing the ship for sail: refueling, supplies, luggage and passenger loading. The lift system needs to support the weight displacement at times when the hull is lower in the water at port. 

The Autoquip Solution

The high travel lift (T3) with a travel range of 60” is mounted to scaffolding. This “gangway system” is designed to decrease the degree of slope for a smooth entry to the ship by passenger. The T3 scissor lift can be adjusted to the degree of travel necessary to support the gangway when the water is low. 

Solution Benefits

Autoquip’s high travel scissors lifts provide a great solution for a multi-level transfer. The T3 scissors lift fixed to the scaffolding provides a stabilized structure to support the on/off boarding of passengers. 

Published: 04/28/2017
Tags: High Travel Lifts , TorkLift T3 Triple Pantograph , Entertainment , Docks

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