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Lift System for Jet Inlet Assembly

Autoquip designed 360 degree scaffold lift platforms for jet assembly inside and outside of the inlet.

The Challenge

The production and design of jet engine inlets is a critical component to the overall aircraft operation and performance.  A major aircraft manufacturer has planned for capital improvements of their production facility that includes a scaffold lift system to improve worker access and increase production rates. 


  • Provide 360 scaffold lift platforms inside and outside of the inlet assembly
  • Improve safety of workers 

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip designed and manufactured a custom lift system that serves as automated scaffolding for inlet assembly.  One center platform lift is used inside the inlet tooling.  While two sets of (4) quad lift platforms are used to complete 360 scaffolding outside the parameter of the tooling.  The lift system is operated by handheld remote control operations.  Workers can be positioning inside and around the scaffolding to complete the inlet assembly. 

Solution Benefits

Autoquip’s scaffolding lift system has provided complete support for the inlet assembly operations ensuring safe, ergonomic, and efficient working environment for the workers.  Safety features are included to deliver an efficient operation.  The customer has been very pleased with the outcome. 

Published: 04/28/2017
Tags: Aerospace , Work Platform Lifts

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