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Light Lift for Night Show

High-travel scissors lifts equipped with special light plants / light bars are raised for night time performances only, then lowered away and out of sight.

The Challenge

A major theme park required supplemental lighting for special night performances, but did not want these lights and/or their supports to be seen during the day. Available locations for this lighting varied from behind shrubs and fences, to atop buildings. Customer required a lift solution with the lowest possible profile when lowered, the highest possible travel, and the smallest possible “foot print.” Also, these lifts had to be able to withstand the rigors of outdoor duty (sun, wind, rain, etc.).

The Autoquip Solution

To satisfy all requirements as presented by the theme park design team, Autoquip recommended the use of its Compact double pantograph lift design. This family of lifts was chosen for the following reasons: 1) low profile when fully lowered – practically as low as a single-pantograph design, 2) high travel due to its double-stacked scissors design, 3) captured scissor lift rollers – ultimate side-to-side stability and anti-sway characteristics, and 4) small footprint requirement – because shorter/stacked leg pairs consume less space for a given travel than a single-pantograph design. Each scissors lift was equipped with a heavy duty, flexible track to house all electrical lines up to the lift deck and force these lines to follow a pre-determined, protected path as the lift travels up and down. Special light bars were designed to the customer’s specifications and were mounted to the tops of each deck for the mounting of the special lighting. The customer is completely satisfied with these “light bar lifts” and has ordered multiple units for various parks around the world. Lift Specifications for the Light Bar Lifts: • Lift Model: P84-020 • Platform Size: 32” x 72” • Lifting Capacity: 2,000 lbs. • Vertical Travel: 84"

Solution Benefits

Autoquip double-pantograph lifts have the lowest profile and highest travel available anywhere. The use of this design allowed this customer the flexibility to install the lifts wherever needed – yet stay out of sight, achieve travels of 7 feet or more, and consume the smallest possible amount of valuable space.

Published: 08/30/2012
Tags: Compact Lift , Hydraulic Lifts , High Travel Lifts , Custom Lifts , Entertainment , AUTOQUIP SCISSOR LIFT TABLES

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