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Powered Portability for Custom AutoTilt

Not so standard, the custom added features to this AutoTilt provide the customer with a faster, portable and durable tilter for crating and loading perishable food products. 

The Challenge

Trans-Ocean is a leading supplier of seafood products to foodservice operators, restaurants and grocery chains.  Due to their high-volume of orders and fast distribution, they needed an easier solution for moving crates of seafood products.  The main purpose of a new lift was to provide an ergonomic and safe solution for moving crates and ease up on the physical strain on the workers.  Also, due to the handling of perishable food products with potential for contamination, the lift needed to withstand regular wash downs without rust or erosion. 

The Autoquip Solution

Taking Autoquip’s standard AutoTilt design and adding a few custom features gives the customer exactly what they need to improve their current method of transferring product.  The Autotilt is portable and battery operated, which can serve multiple work stations.  The tilter comes standard with phenolic wheels for ease of portability, but we stepped it up a few notches and added a powered wheel drive that will improve the functionality of the lift making it extremely easy and faster to move around the plant facility.  To give the lift durability to withstand regular spray washes for clean up, we added stainless steel overlay to the forks and backstop to prevent rusting.  Lastly, we added an epoxy finish to further protect the lift features.  

Solution Benefits

Understanding the customer’s production challenges is a key to this projects success.  Our standard Autotilt would have provided a suitable solution.  However, as we consulted with the customer to further dive into their operations and production facility, we knew that a better solution and success would come from a power driven tilter.   Now that the lift is in place, it should assist with minimizing worker fatigue and improve speed of operation to keep up with their high volume and demand. 

Published: 07/18/2013
Tags: Autotilt Portable Tilter , Wash Down , Food & Pharmaceutical

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