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Small Lift Tables Work In Tandem

Increased demand leads refrigerated display case manufacturer to add another production line and acquire more small lift tables to their assembly process. 

The Challenge

Zero-Zone Inc. located in North Prairie, Wisconsin builds standing store coolers and freezers for grocery and convenience stores.  They build these units in "cases" that are 2, 3, 4, or 5 doors wide. Because the customer is experiencing increase demand for more orders of these cases, they are adding another production line. 

The Autoquip Solution

The customer previously purchased pairs of our American Compact Lift which provided them an adjustable work table to position the varying sizes of the display cases for assembly work. The lifts are controlled by one single control which operates the lifts in tandem to carefully raise the cases in a seamless motion.

Because of their previous success using these types of lifts, the customer knew exactly what would work for them in their new production line.  These small lift tables can be customized to fit any application and in this case the customer required options for portability and adjustable controls.

Added features:

  1. A portable base frame for easy transport and maneuverability.
  2. Single control switch which allows the lifts to operate in tandem, or with the option of operating one independently.
  3. Foot activated floor lock - to lock in place once the lifts are adjusted to accommodate the different sizes of the display cases.

Solution Benefits

Because the customer had great success with the Compact Lift previously, and they knew exactly what they needed for this new order, Autoquip was able to reduce standard lead times and ship the equipment to the customer in a shorten period which will help them get up and running sooner than anticipated. 

Published: 06/21/2013
Customer: Zero -Zone Inc.
Tags: Compact Lift , Portable , Assembly , Food & Pharmaceutical

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